Star Warzzzzzz

Geeking out today with the worst one in 3D with the kids =).. then WORK … then Improv… going to be a good day. I hope you alls is the same.

For the game I want to add some tools beyond just the powerful command based items for speed. I hope to make the level creation process so fast for this and future games that I can pound out levels at will. I want them to be amazingly scripted and active sandboxes. Thus the tools must be incredible to go with the engine =)… Every step it is getting faster and faster. Soon it will be amazing.
Next couple of days I want some more in game tools.
Selection mode:
Select mode
Pick object
Show menu of Bottom is x right is y left is z top is scale. close menu button is top right.

Pick mode
pick object
calculate the best sector for an object automatically
set collapsable or not

Color picker
Pick mode
Pick model
set selected model ID
Open color picker window rgb with light dark
Show last four used

Delete object graphically mode:
pick mode
pick object
ask yes no

more later…. getting dragged off of my Mac


3 Responses to “Star Warzzzzzz”

  1. Francesco Says:

    Please,contact me by mail ! I need to ask you something!

  2. ryan Says:

    ghotcha =)

  3. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    Today they are coming thanks for reminder

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