Day job getting really busy…

And that is a good thing as it is my main source of income =)…Cursed Realms is starting to get really fun to work on. I will now be attempting to make level 1 with my new tools and all on my iPad. As I find issues I will write them down then I will correct them until I have a fully functional in game editor =).. In the future I really want to have a MMO with a player constructed world. No amusement park here. I want the players to be able to alter EVERYTHING… =).. Anywho I will be posting as I go on level one. I want to add to the script also and make it more exciting. More when time permits.


5 Responses to “Day job getting really busy…”

  1. Okan Says:

    When you are Finish with your current game .. Can u make the Same Games just with lower graphics and for all Apple iOS Devices ?

    • Ryan afk Says:

      Not sure I would have to look at it.. It would just take a new part to my engine to allow fixed function …it really will look bad thoughmthenshaders are the magic here 😉

      • Anonymous Says:

        Thats no Problem.. Everyone Love your Games .. Look at Mission Europa.. The graphics are very Bad .. but Everyone like the Game.. And Look at dungeon Hunter 1 from gameloft .. It also don’t Look Bad and it Works in all Devices !!

      • Okan Says:

        The graphic Is Not so important.. Look at Mission Europa .. And Look at dungeon Hunter 1 from gameloft .. The graphics are good and The Game work ob all idevices !!

      • Ryan afk Says:

        This puppy will have all the bells and whistles of a. Console game as far as shaders go 😉 agreed that graphics do not make a game but they sure sell it 😉 we will see what we cando post launch by then most will have at least a 3GS to play apps I would think 😉

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