Present Number 2 sent!

Update: I am now adding a little feature that allows me to mark a node as blocked or passable so I can insert objects and allow the AI to either pass over or not that square -).. Thus the bridges over chasms are open and the columns block squares…

Ok it is in… NEXT -)… AI and keep making level 1 =) so now I can specifically mark an area passable or nor to AI -).

Update Border rocky region first pass in… Now there are no more black edges =P… More tonight when I get some work time =)… things are really moving as you can see =)…

The Banshee has been sent out!… next week the Chained is released!… more later after I get a handle on the day job… tough work going on up in here =)…

See last post for pics of the medic on the edge of the abyss =)…


4 Responses to “Present Number 2 sent!”

  1. Tom Says:

    it is looking really good….now release it so i can whine and criticize your hard work 🙂

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      LOL.. We need alpha first with lots of criticism =)…. when we going to see you guys again? And I am glad someone is checking out the blog =)…

      Alpha will be bare bones level starts and play it =)… I feel like it is coming up soon

      • Tom Says:

        we need to hang out soon. I am buried up to my neck with mortgage, inspection and moving…closing on March 16th. Maybe you guys can come up one day to see the new Cybulski Manor 🙂

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Would love too =).. Need a good weather day for a long top off jeep ride =).. I have it off right now and love it! =)

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