Had time to snag a shot of the Excavation Light Prop. Lots more to make to add the flare =)..

Check out the quick props made from destroyed arches =)..SO fast to make levels too =)..

Still a lot to do with lighting left but man this is on a phone and tablet! These things rock =)

I also noticed in the diablo 3 screen shots I am using as an artistic guide that the color is brought mainly with effects to the scene so I will have to target lots of flashy colorful effects. I think it really adds power when the effects are the source of color…


I feel a need for more props.. I would like a water fall also going over the side of a chasm.. that would be purty. So I plan on adding some Tech Props to match the timeline along side the ruined items. Then I will create a waterfall effect =)..The props I think I need are a excavation tripod light, crates like an excavation is happening, bloody bodies on the ground. Alien Plants, Water-fall, and I would like some candles as if that is the last resort to conserve energy in areas. That should take care of tonight \=)… Then I will get back to level making. I am really close to creating then switching to test mode in game =)….


6 Responses to “Props!”

  1. Doom Says:

    Oohhh I love this part 🙂 adding cool stuff like fp mode will there be any caves or tunnels? I was thinking rooms with stalactites, glowing radioactive like water pools with water drips from them..sploosh..echo..sploosh..echo..? Maybe some eyes blinking in the dark..crazy Alien bat like things..all albinoed out and spooky ?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Not sure if I will add a roof or not. I plan on it in FPS . That is also if I can pull the FPS I need =) GOOD idea on the Stalactites… Good ideas =).. Thanks!

  2. Doom Says:

    The dark and dreary level is brought to life and breathes with color effects..I picture these effects in your waterfall..I wonder how hard it would be to show some colored steam..alive with light and shadows? This mixed with splashes from alien water:glowing could be intense..bought my first pc game in over 2 years today..hope I remember how to install those things:) it was Rage btw..on sale 29 bucks 😉 we shall see how it goes..

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Good idea. I am not currently rendering a “blurry glow” hdr pass as I traded it for other tricks. I will probably leave it to a switch in the options.


      But I can do glows as far as glowinf built in and I like it. I will first get the regular water going today =)… Man this IS the fun part Keep up the ideas.

      Good luck with rage. I played the console version for about an hour and felt like it was a fedex delivery man simulation. The quests were very bland for such a big long term project of a game. Love to know what you think =)…

      • Doom Says:

        Well, it wouldn’t run..too late last night to figure out why..that is the main reason I quit buying pc games..too temperamental and unstable, just need to stick to ios I think 😉

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Man making games for the pc is a nightmare. So,many specs and drivers it’s a real hell. iOS is way better but slowly turning that way also with so many devices. For example a 3G is like an Atari to a xbox when compared to a 4s.

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