Patch complete

Update patch into apple I will try to test flight again tomorrow night… I can pull the apple build if we find an issue and it takes 3-6 days for them to get to it so plenty of time to get a build up to test flight app.. =) night night… going to be a 4 hour sleep night =(….

Except TestFlightApp will not freaking upload no matter what I try so I will get it uploading to apple so they can start the review process while I fight test flight app to get it to my testers…. argh… why alway so hard?


6 Responses to “Patch complete”

  1. Doom Says:

    @scootdown made that tech..try contacting him???

  2. ryan Says:

    O and no insult ment TestFlightApp is awesome when it works!.. amazing in fact… why apple has not bought it out for a bajillion I do not know =)

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