Patches both to apple.

Testers I had to give up on test flight app I tried uploading 14 times at home, 5 times at work, and as far as I can get is 50 % uploaded then I get a “An unexpected error has occurred.” error and have to start over (Attempted it with Safari, Chrome Mac, Chrome PC, and Internet Explorer). So I emailed out a link to you guys =).. the old fashion way will have to do for now sadly I hope testflightapp gets fixed I would love PAY for it if that would make it work as it is a huge help…really a great tool lets hope she gets back to working soon for me..anyway please check those emails as the patch is already to apple =)… Thanks again all soon hopefully we will be making levels together in cursed Realms!

I am trying to get the patches uploaded to test flight now for testing. It will take apple at least a week to get to them so we have plenty of time to test. If we find an issue while testing I can pull them anytime fix and resubmit. This way we get a jump on the submission. I will then start sending the summons again. I am REALLY pleased this time. The bug was again just a one liner in the code that caused a recursion and also a misunderstanding of how to use ObjectAL properly (which is a very good and easy interface to OpenAL). I will have more later after I get the patch uploaded to test flight app and the testing team!. I will be testing today after work and in between getting more work done on Cursed Realms as I am really getting excited about that one =)….


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