I feel good about the Mission Europa patch

I got some play time in somehow…Very busy lately.

Today my goal is to get the Medics shooting cool effects at each other with a very robust system so I can just cahnge some database variables and have many many different types of effects. I will try to get some shots up today sometime. Anyone have a Delorian and a flux capacitor handy?


10 Responses to “I feel good about the Mission Europa patch”

  1. Doom Says:

    Hey, couldn’t get build to unzip right..I must have done something wrong..didn’t see an .ipa or a provision ..will have to try again tonight..sorry..

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      It is in IPA alread yor it should did I send the right link?
      File is :

      I downloaded it and installed it at work =-P..let me know!

  2. MrSpud Says:

    A little bit off subject but, what do you think of the PS Vita? I picked one up yesterday and I got to say, it does look just as good as an xbox360/ps3 game. Looking forward to play FFX in HD hopefully soon!

    • Doom Says:

      I think I might get one of those..Mr Spud were able to get the patch installed?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I wish I had one! =)…. Its really pretty cheap to get going. I would guess total 6-8k startup costs the dev kit is said to be 4k of that… The question is the install base is microscopic compared to the IOS. Along with the fact that the games are a lot more expensive…Personally I would not carry it around with me. It would be something I play at home. So I would still be an IOS heavy gamer. The biggest problem with IOS gaming is the pricing structure. You just cannot create a big console type game for 99 cents a sale or even 5 bucks a sale as apple takes 30% and uncle sam takes 20% (I am not getting my moneys worth in that 20%)…So the vita I expect to have some really good games on it. I am not sure how many indie titles will be able to get in there and compete. If cursed realms does not sell well I may think of trying out a market that has reasonable returns to developer like the ps vita=)..who knows ;)..

      Here is a great quote:
      “The firm also emphasized the importance of exclusive content for Sony: “To survive the march of smartphone’s entering the casual gaming space, Sony needs to achieve the Holy Grail of inventing innovative new gameplay whilst at the same time investing heavily in exclusive content.””

      I think someday it will march right into the total game space given the pricing structure somehow alters to support what it takes to bring a game to fruition.

      Wow I got wordy =P…

      O and of course all my opinion which is worth about a buck fifty on a good day =P

  3. MrSpud Says:

    If your opinion is worth a buck fifty, so much for my two cents!

    I’m away and don’t have a laptop, or time! I won’t be able to help on this one.

    • Doom Says:

      As far as ME patch: after I got my computer back alot of files were gone, including winzip..all I could find online without signing up for a bunch of junk offers just to get program was win.rar..it seems to be difficult with your build..is there a junk free link to winzip that u know of? Or do I not have to extract and just d/l and dump into iTunes? It is making me angry 😉
      As far as vita..I have money stashed for ipad3..think I will get that first and wait to see how market evolves for the vita..iOS is just too exciting 😉

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        ” Or do I not have to extract and just d/l and dump into iTunes?”

        That’s it .. no unzipping now.. Apple has made it easier =)..

        I will be getting an iPad 3 also for testing of course!…;P

      • Doom Says:

        Well, downloaded it 5 times..each time wouldn’t sync..deleted game too..nothing..so frustrated..guess I wait for apple :((

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Weird worked for me . Just downloaded dropped on iTunes the synced.. No worries I will test some more tomorrow 😉 thanks for the try man 😉

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