Its 5 oclock in the mornin….

Well doubled the frame rate =)…. lol… And now working on the medic shooting again finally!

And it ain’t like the t-payne song here =P. My wife schedule has changed so I get up with her and get to work!. I added an addition to my memory manager to track even more memory issues that might arise and it is performing very well and extremely fast for what it is doing. I cannot use Apple’s methods they give in instruments as they are way to slow and really do not provide enough information. This means I fixed several memory issues last night and this morning and now I am looking at a huge decrease in mem use and increase in frame rate =)… I plan on testing mission europa a little more this morning. Then I will get back to the medics firing some really good looking effects at enemies =)… I will get a video of them fighting when I can =)…more later


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