Effects getting there / PATCH REJECTED

Effect in.. the starting units medic gun working with the systems.. I say I could add a new weapon effect from paper to in game in about 15 minutes with the new and much improved pipeline…… good stuff!!!

At the firing range =)… not much but this is the worst cheapest weakest weapon in the game =-)

Update: Mission Europa Patch was rejectef because the app name Europa did not closely match Mission Europa enough.. yea I know so I guess I will have to rename the app on the home screen M.E.C.E (Mission Europa Collectors Edition)
and M.E.S.E. .. silly imho..but these are the rules we play in…..I will resend this weekend sometime as they will not get to it until <onday….

I want cursed realms to really be something special so I am taking time on every piece to be sure I am ging s far as I can on these devices and getting the best look for the CPU and GPU cycles. Last night I got 90% done with the plasma pistol muzzle flash / projectile / impact effect. Once I have one complete I can make a bazillion more very quickly. I will post a video as soon as I get done hopefully today. The day job has really killed me the last week or so but the weekend is here!


More later


2 Responses to “Effects getting there / PATCH REJECTED”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Wow! Apple can be really anal sometime, it’s not like there’s 15 other apps with the word Europa in it! Maybe rename it Angry Europa out of spite! 😉 I recall a while back someone had an app named “Angry byrds” and that was ok with Apple, how hypocritical!

    TGIF!! Oh wait, I’m on vacation! D’ohh!!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Lol and my app has had that name over a year 😉 o well a simple one line change and resubmit this weekend….

      Enjoy the time away!

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