Wow busy…

My grandma had a plaque that I really loved. It had a monkey with a shoe and it said “ever had one of those days where you find yourself on the side of the bed. With one shoe off and one shoe on and you cannot tell if you are going to bed or getting up.” good stuff!

I am still trying to get time to finish the weapons system. Once done it should really move. More when I get time …I need a time machine…;)

Code cleanup time tonight.. I see few areas that will complicate the game down the road so I intend on altering their design a bit tonight… going to be a bit rough but well worth it..


4 Responses to “Wow busy…”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Sometime I take a short nap after work and when I wake up, I think it’s the next morning and I’m late for work!!

    Sounds like you need a vacation, just imagine being on the beach with your iPad and Pina colada! Topless women! Cuban cigars! And no kids!! Every monkey needs a rest once in a while!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Ahhh that would be nice 😉 maybe soon!

      • Doom Says:

        Most of the time I have one shoe off, and the other is on the wrong foot.. 😉

      • ryan Says:

        HEHEH nice… =)… Getting some done tonight..Eyes are shutting though… this new system is so open it really will make for some really dynamic gameplay =)

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