Life coming back under control =)

Testing the Blue Plasma Pistol.

My wife has taken her first job as a Nic-U Nurse in 15 years and my sons baseball has started 2 2 hour games and 2 2 hour practices a week….Thus life has again become even more busy somehow. Looks good now though and what I got done early this morning is really cool. I have altered a scene node to use the InfoTree data structure I have. It is not as fast as instant data access but is still VERY fast. Thus I can make a node that for example has a certain set up update/render/load/save/createNew/create funcs that will load its data from the database and make any effect with a muzzle flash/bolt/hit effect. These are intelligently placed on the scene graph for the most optimal rendering by the node itself and the info in the database =).. Thus with the creation of a few models and maybe a texture I can have any number of bolt projectiles by just duplicating a database entry and changing 4 to 6 strings =)… good stuff! Stating to get more time now lets hope this keeps up =)

When I get some eye candy I will post it. I have a bit of reworking to do on the character system with the DataOpNode changes… =)


2 Responses to “Life coming back under control =)”

  1. Kirk Says:

    Very nice 🙂 I love that the process is so streamlined, you really don’t have spend too much time to build up a huge library of effects and whatnot, wonderful. My aunt works at Baylor specializing in fetal/maternal medicine related things.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thats pretty awesome. She is having a hard time starting up but when she gets into the swing of things I think she will love it =)…

      Yes that “Was” the goal of Mission Europa. However about half way through I got into a get it done mode and that cost me 2 times the amount of time and to throw out the old engine. I am taking my time now. All text based so I can go in and add say an effect from modeling to texturing to in game in about 20 minutes if not less. Now a prop I can have in about 30 minutes to an hour depending on complexity. Really working well so far!…

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