AI is fun stuff…

Dangit lost another hour of painting so I had t redo it… I saved it wrong in blender so here is the repaint…

Well I did not really stop there I took an art break and went into the code to create something I needed. I put in a flag on models where if they are batch collapsed then their texture coords can be generated from world space coords. (Mainly flat walls or floors really). I have not finished but will tonight. I take the normal and dot it to the X Y Z and figure out which world space coords to use for the new texture coords. Pretty simple and will REALLY help the floors and walls I bet.. not sure but when I test it tonight I will see =).. I also hope to animated and get the user baby in game.. I think it is coming out pretty close to what was in my head =)….which is a disturbing place to be =-P
Here is a shot of the new effect of scaling the texture by world coordinates.. MUCH better =)..Asthetics still have a long way to go =)

OK stopping there.. a little mass effect and then beddy by time =).. more tomorrow hopefully I get some good game making time =)

And NEXT stage…. color texture painting started here and finished in gimp ….

Had a dang crash and did not save for 20 minutes,,, argh.. so here is resculpted baby morph

Stage 4 sculpt complete ,,, time to move to stage 5 =)

Sage 3 sculpt in the fine details for the normal map…. this is the increased res versin before sculpting… next versin soon…

Stage 2 using a checked texture map to be sure the texture is smooth and as straight as possible across the model and the age old technique of doing one side then mirroring the symmetrical other side =)…

Here we go…

Now turrets can use weapons -).

Being a one man band I need the most robust model I can find now off to make the slithering baby =).. THE REALLY FUN STUFF =)

Getting there! =)…

I really do like watching these guys figure things out and play around. I want to add a new bad guy for level one as I feel that if you do not grab a player QUICK in this app-verse you will loose them. The new creature will be the level 1 boss and it will be a baby/fetus looking thing. The story will be that it is a user on the last stages of addiction where his genetic structure itself has become so damaged his body is reverting to a large nasty fetal mass… they will spit toxins and slowly creep with huge amount of hit points. At the end of level one you will be required to hold it off long enough to upload to another area =)…fund stuff I plan on working really hard this week and stating to FINALLY target a alpha level soon =)…. more when I get it done.. for now DAY JOB! =(


3 Responses to “AI is fun stuff…”

  1. Doom Says:

    There should be pus infected sores all over the baby thing..old injection sites gone bad..maybe some kind of bio-mech-mechanics-type injection tubes hanging out ad flopping around..
    Crack kills:) love to watch them making a new life:)
    4 more days till new iPad 😀
    HappyWeek Ryan 🙂

  2. Doom Says:

    Maybe the baby should be sort of like the big fat wormy thing with the wheelchair legs from Doom? Like the whole bio mechanics thing..overdone?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      ooo wheel chair thing I love it!… and the baby I want to resemble Akira and the out of control flesh.. =)..

      I have mine n order =)… I sold the other ipad 2 for a measley 400 bucks.. but it was used.. not to bad I guess.. =)…. This ipad 3 is going to be a gaming beast if we can get devs to make bigger games =)…

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