Really getting happy with the Dev Tool set.

Here is a shot in the ipad game creator.

Top right is the data window for the selected object. Below that is the command line to send commands. Below that is the current level in the scene graph. double tap to go to a nodes children. Below that is the dictionary of items or props that can be placed in the graph. You can find the scripts in the scene graph to edit. On the bottom are the floor types, AI blockers or path markers, and selected item manipulators. All items automatically goto their vis culling nodes as you move them or they walk. And the KD-collision tree is auto updated on a change in transform of anything =)… good stuff really getting there. soon I will be cooking with gasoline and really get to concentrate on some awesome art assets…in fact I am thking of starting the pus bucket today =).. Another user that doom suggested. =).. More when I get to it.

Here is where pus bucket was after 30 minutes =)..Hopefully i get time to get to stage 2 tonight. texture mapping and then stage 3 sculpting the high rez version. I go that direction as it is just me and it is a faster method to a high rez normal map / height map / ambient occlusion. I also like knowing the base model is perfect and building up not starting high rez and trying to squeeze a no so perfect low rez out of it.

O and the sculpt i had… =).. I amliking it.. just pants on and all rotten from the drug use…

And with the ambient occlusion… tonight I sure hope to finish the texturing as i am sure liking this guy =)

Here he was when he was JUST painted in Blender.. He still has to go through gimp and of course normal mapps are not on him yet.


3 Responses to “Really getting happy with the Dev Tool set.”

  1. Doom Says:

    Whoah…where did you get that picture of me? šŸ˜‰
    He is gonna be awesome! What do you think his mode of attack should be? He doesn’t look fast so must be projectiles? Sounds gross but those sores should be leaky..maybe leaving puddles of toxic stuff wherever he shambles..maybe even squirting broken infected needles at player? Or just a sweet BFG with like eight barrels sawed off in a round group? šŸ˜€

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      what do you think of incredibly tough.. walks slow but takes an incredible amout of hellfire and when he gets close he hits like ten elephants….he is something players will dread to showe up … he is one step shy of the slimy babys he is so tough his cells will not die….

      whatcha thinks?

      i have 1 melee user and 2 projectile users so far…. soo he would be a tank melee :}

      • Anonymous Says:

        Sounds great..:) maybe his name should be “Stank the Tank” šŸ™‚ I foresee people running I circles around him and taking numerous shots from a safe distance..should have some random secondary attack like the needles I mentioned to keep players from camping..just some thoughts šŸ˜‰
        I am getting all nervous and’s getting close :DD

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