Happy Monday! =)

Update: There… the AI menu on click has its icons =)..


PSSSSST…. behind you…..

No where near done but the new blue look for the icons I like a whole lot more.. It was suggested a LONG time ago. I finally got around to running the export scripts.. Hopefully tonight I have the AI completely workable with this control system for the users. (along with finishing the icons..)


Man what a day. I have had the top off my jeep for 4 days and LOVE IT.. best car on the road =).. It just needs a super charger…and bumpers ..and the AEV lift.. and tires..and rims…. o man are they a money sink =)..

Anyway. I am moving on game play in the level. I plan on character control being a press on an AI. Then a menu shows up with the below icons. In the top left a picture icon and the health/man of the ai will be shown.
(Possess)(Pick Up)(Weapon)(Set Way points, Aggressive,Defensive,Job)(Buff)(Close)

I think that covers all AI interaction. The icons will be at the bottom of the screen. If anyone has any ideas let er rip =).. more when I get time for now it is day job time! =)


2 Responses to “Happy Monday! =)”

  1. Kirk Says:

    Ability to drag and select multiple ai, if possible, it would make the game that much funner.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Wow forgot about that one… yikes that could be fun to implement.. Definitely needed though thanks!…

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