Click for full size… it is HUGE off the ipad3


The soul engines performance is AWESOME!.. Check out this shot with no noticable slow down and 25 (i think as I got tired of throwing them in..) characters on screen =)..

here is a shot with i don’t know how many still rendering smooth as silk and I still need to look at optimizing berfore release for simple batch tweaks =) really happy with it!

Man that warms the heart knowing the battles are going to be epic.. I would think I could get to 50+ on screen before it starts getting ugly…. good stuff!.. More when I get time =)..


2 Responses to “WOW”

  1. Doom Says:

    Looks like the chicken level all over again..but bigger, better, faster 😀

    • ryan Says:

      Thanks!. It will be I was just messing around dropping in as many as I could see and wow it rand AWESOME on the ipad… imagine battles with that many in there..=)..

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