What a day yesterday!

This is my exit I drive every day to and from work…

That thing touches back down 2 blocks from my work… and this is about 3 miles from my house.. Scary stuff. That just reinforces me building that bunker system -)…

Curse Realms: Today I want to get the first person possesion cam and controls started. I am ready to start walking through my levels -=)….More when I get it pretty busy right now..

Here is a pic I grabbed from the live news while trying to find a place to hide =)…

For a sense of scale I would guestimate that base is a half mile wide… scary scary one..


4 Responses to “What a day yesterday!”

  1. Doom Says:

    Was watching the news last night, it was showing truck trailers spinning around in the air..holy crap! The bunker building business has increased over 100 percent :/ please be safe over there!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      The only rule we have in Texas for riding out a tornado is you gotta last 8 seconds =P… Yes that was one of the other 12 tornadoes over in lancaster south of Dallas. I have a pic from the news before that video when it was about a quarter to half mile wide.. On the way in on 287 they have whole neighborhoods blocked off with access only with ID. Rough stuff. I really feel for those people. A good thing might be that that area is full of rent duplexes so the people living there would not have lost house improvements and the owner would just be an insurance claim. (which they are WAY more likley to have better insurance renting and all….).. really nothing good at all out of all of that destruction…

  2. chaddius Says:

    I live here in Dallas and am a huge nerd for Dungeon Keeper. I’m also an artist if you need any help on this project.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Awesome man fire me an email at RyanMitchellGames@Gmail.Com

      I will answer it as soon as possible with baseball season and life right now I do not think I have ever been busier =/ answering this via ipad getting ready for baseball! 😉

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