Gentlemen Start your Engines!

Update: I was playing with “Flashlight” mode for when you are in first person. Or a light overhead lighting your area. The flashlight will cause shadows to SUCK as they will always be facing almost directly away from the shadowing object thus no shadow seen from your viewpoint. Or overhead .. I could tweak the light to also go dimmer when in that mode by what kind of character you are controlling. I think flash light mode is out… I just do not like the results. That is better left to a horror game and one that does not support depth map shadows cause you just loose so much when you loose dynamic shadows.

Look down and see your feet =)… most games do not do that =P..

Woot.. wow man moving FAST!… I nly had a few hours in two days but this design is so freaking awesome I have first person in and running check out the first steps taken in the Cursed Realms Universe… I possessed this character and walked him.. there are still some clipping issues but they will be fixed -)…..Very very happy with the progress!


2 Responses to “Gentlemen Start your Engines!”

  1. Doom Says:

    My heart just went all fluttery..I really love FP..and that is like a baby being born…

  2. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    Thanks!.. I do to that is why I loved dungeon keeper. I get the control of many soldiers but when I wanted I get get down and dirty in the action and get some revenge \=)

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