THE FIRST FPS SHOT IN CURSED REALMS!!! =) WOOT! I wish I had a better scene to show off but this is just testing =)


YOU ARE PUS-BUCKET! FPS is going to be fun… I am thinking no roof that way we can change the story to be these are trenches in a trench war and we can have artillery going over head and hitting it could be really fun!

WOOT Really moving now… and looking freaking GOOD! This was just testing and the first time I could move my head around and look =) WOOT!

I only had 30 minutes last night I could dedicate to Cursed Realms. The day job is nuts I have KFC Remodels in 7 major towns I am responsible for and also now have to learn Rev-It for a major company interview next week … and I have a week to do it =)… Sheesh… I _WISH_ I could just work on games all day =P…

I am really close to getting the first person camera up and going. I had to rewire the bone look up stuff to stick the camera in the head. I am going to rely on clipping to not render the head. It will be interesting I might store a min distance per character type thus you could hopefully see the weapons. They may clip a little but hey we cannot have it all can we!.. Dungeon Keeper did not even show the weapons only represenative swipes… of course they had ceilings also and current I will not I MIGHT change that depending on fill rate. It is not a hard task as I can just place the ceiling in a layer that only renders in first person.. it would add quite a bit though.. who knows that is a final touch down the road =)…

More when I get time! I NEED A TIME MACHINE!….


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