slow but steady!

The view when you are the slimy addicted morphed baby user from the floor scurrying around..

Update: going great! I have the baby slimy user now controllable. I just need to add eye bones to 3 more units then they are all playable. I still need to add some effects to the other guys with their attacks. Pretty cool game shaping up here,…. what other games lets you be every character in the game in FPS and use their attacks and abilities along with building and base construction!

Tomorrow I will get the other guys controllable and start having some death match sessions with them and see how they behave. I will tweak their skills and effects then and get back to level 1 construction!…


Here is me editing a level a little then possessing and releasing a minion. I fire his gun but there is an animation glitch. That is next tonight =)….

My day job has really been killling me the last few weeks but i am still getting some slow and steady progress. I wish apps that take time top make could float the boat but alas the day job will continue =).

I am down to getting all the abilities working in first person mode. I plan on having up to 4 weapons per minnion. Some will be abilities also. For example, you could be the medic and firing your rather weak blue plasma pistol then decide to turn to a fellow fighter and press attack 2. That would fire a healing bolt. As another example you could be an atlantian and fire off a large shield to protect your AI units around you. Another option would be to de-posses your minnion then buff from the command/construction view and then re-posses the minnion. This game will have so many playing options I cannot wait to get to testing it!..more when I finally get time. Things should really calm down towards the end of the week and saturday looks like a rainy work day! =)

Happy Tuesday!


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