Wow it really is evolving quickly now…

Since just a few changes in the right spots evolve the whole system things are really moving =). I am still just working through this list here…

I am adding in some animation tweaks so the AI shows more response to damage. I wish I could have all the pretty animation blending but I am using instancing so we can have enourmous battles not just 5 on 5 but more like 50 on 50 =).. We shall see so far it looks very promising. I sure wish I could do this full time =).. but job stability and the game industry seem to be mortal enemies =)….

TGIF! More if I get time tomorrow will surely be a big game work day along with Sunday supposing we survive it…

I will also be splitting time this weekend building my freaking tornado shelter we had 2 swing by us last week within a mile… so I think its time =)…

With four feet of hail accumulating in the pan handle and this forecast tomorrow …

Lets hope we survive! =P….

TGIF like I said…


2 Responses to “Wow it really is evolving quickly now…”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Everybody get out!!! Head out to Canada!! 😉

    I hope things settle soon, I mean it’s in the news up here too, crazy!

  2. ryanmitchellgames Says:

    texas rules 8 seconds at least or you don’t leave =P

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