Motivated this week to get some serious movement….

I am almost done with the new weapons system and AI interface. MUCH MUCH better and it will save a TON of time down the road. Tonight I plan on getting the Projectile systems finished and wiring it into the medic that uses a plasma pistol as his primary weapon. For now though the day job! =)

Happy Monday more when I get it done =)….


2 Responses to “Motivated this week to get some serious movement….”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Hey Ryan, I was just reading an article on “Codea”, an iPad app that lets you code/modify games on your iPad using Lua as scripting language. I can’t wrap my head around it but bought it anyway hoping someday I just may sit down and figure stuff out. It’s really neat, there are many examples and you can modify them, change the assets and so on, but you would probably think it’s child play.

    My question is, since you can make your own game on your iPad using your engine, have you ever thought of having it as an app? Something like Unity but much more simplified, I mean I see what you’re doing with all the option buttons everywhere, do you think that could be done?

    I know Apple is a little funny when it comes to running code, but it can be done if Codea did it, what are your thoughts on this?

    • ryan Says:

      Pretty nice. What I am doing internally is what lua does. It is simply a scripting language that interfaces into code using commands exactly as I do. I want to give a base game type for players to build with. You will not be able to build a Gran Tourismo with this but you will be able to make a dungeon keeper or mild fps experience of many types =)… I exposed all the commands I will use to make the game =). The assets are there and not this game but in the future I plan on tying into a downloadable system where you can upload assets for all to use after they are approved by a review team (me at first)…. I do not think scripting would be disallowed by apple as it is used in every game out there. You cannot have a fps without scripts… and my scripts only interact with my engine.

      Really it comes down to making a good sandbox and if it is not good enough for the game design then the game design needs its own engine =).

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