Really got some stuff done last night..

Skybox Time: This could take a few days. I want to create quite the look when you are in first person. I want an awesome looking dead end of the world night sky =)…. so I start now =).. Things are moving and that list is really starting to diminish =)

Here is what I settled with for a gold node…

Here is the metal shader:

I finished a huge chunk of the alpha test list. After I got the systems redone I had the pusbucket,babyuser,imp, and user medic all redon in 45 minutes! The upfront work really pays dividens later!… I even created the death anims hit anims and effects for the imp and baby user in that time. One thinbg I have definately learned from the years of mistakes is a good design paradigm mixed with a ton of up front tools and planning for future content can cut your dev time more then half and save you a ton of headaches πŸ™‚

Sorry for typos I am writing this post on the iPad. Not that I would be any better on a desktop πŸ˜‰

More shots soon as now I am moving back to the graphical side of things πŸ˜‰ (the fun stuff)

Here are the next set of targets πŸ™‚

Level enhancements:
– Create Gold pockets.
– Adjust the lighting for a more dramatic effect.
– Move the main light more overhead
– Add in different tops for the full dirt nodes. They are picked by a mod of their X/Y coordinates. Make them more jagged and standing up higher in the air for effect when in first person.
– Add a sky box for when you are in first person. A twisted night sky with the moon split in half and a dusk sun in the horizon. Also have energy waves passing overhead with a nice shader representing the tears in the dimensions. have distant destroyed sky scrapers whos bases are obscured by fog (alpha them out at the base just after the sky reaches full alhpa so the levels fog color takes over or use a masking plane that takes the fog color with alpha up to revella both sky and buildings at a fill rate hit).
Level creation:
– Load and start manipulating the script in the iPad. Create and save the level. It is time to get alpha warming up.
– Rework the helper model the talking eye needs to be slimy and like it is stuck to the screen.


2 Responses to “Really got some stuff done last night..”

  1. Doom Says:

    I am assuming the eye is on opening or info screen..Can you make it so the eye “goes to sleep” if no response after x amount of time? Then wakes up if player touches it and blinks every time it is touched? Excellent progress on the list Ryan..can’t wait to see what you have done..

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thanks man =).. The eye is your helper that appears every now and then to guide you on the way, alert you to problems, or deliver story. =)… It slaps on the screen then goes away.. =)..

      Hopefully I will have some good shots coming soon. I made a new shader for the gold and then will be digging into the skybox which for some reason I really enjoy making. I think because it gives the perception of a huge universe at a low cost =)

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