Its a moving!

Here is how I am checking if the player can move to that position. I call them curb feelers 😉 two checks at 45 degrees in the direction they want to walk will find out I they are allowed to walk there.

Gameplay question…. (We will be getting more and more of these as we go to help shape the game =) )

Should there be Fog of war in the game?

– getting scared by a zerg rush of enemies.
– required exploring and first person mode becomes even more helpful…(spelunking ahead to see whats there..)
– Losing a game and having to play over a couple times as you know when the zerg rushes happen.

Press the image to see the absurd resolution of an iPad 3 =)


Except last night.. .had a friends birthday and a few drinks… argh… =)

Here is where the list is =) more when I get to it after the day job!

Things to think about:
“during alpha decide if we need to have controls work on their own instead of a delayed possession”

Combat enhancement: (Place a Human and a User medic in a box)
– And a check on combat…
– user baby needs a name ITS GUTSIES
– FPS two touch controls bonkers.
– FPS check if you an walk there.

Play Mode:
– Add camera shake on placement
– Add dig graph for imps
– Add bonuses for areas
-Turn on wants for AI like hunger and rest.

– Add in camera shake command that can be scripted or set off when explosions occur on screen.
– Effect when imp mines an area
– Create imp mind again with the new systems. He wants to DIG!
– play mode set mine areas for imp.
– Area selection for units.
– Area selection for digging.
– Digging is slower then I want with the scene batch collapsing work on that..
– Add specular to rocks it adds so much at a moderate cost.
-Flickering when turning camera but not panning (Look into cos and sin rounding accuracy problems)

– Add in all the character sounds.
– Get some ambient sounds running.

Level enhancements:
– Load and start manipulating the script in the iPad. Create and save the level. It is time to get alpha warming up.
– Rework the helper model the talking eye needs to be slimy and like it is stuck to the screen.
– gold top dirt needs to reuse the regular dirt top model and see if shader needs optimizing


9 Responses to “Its a moving!”

  1. darkredninja Says:

    There should definitely be fog of war, it makes it more strategic! Also, are you adding multiplayer to Cursed Realms :D?

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I agree on the fog of war =). Currently there are no plans for it. However, if sales are decent I could easily come back and add at least a wifi version. The way the engine works makes controlling things very easy =)… Multiplayer added about a month or even two to Mission Europa. Yet I bet it added next to no extra sales to the game. You have to have a good blast of marketing or some sales driver to get enough players out there to want to play online. With wifi you can challenge a friend. If after launch I get a lot of requests for it I could look into it as I do love making it happen. 😉 hows that for a long winded answer

      • darkredninja Says:

        Instead of MP, what about skirmish? Do a quick battle against a CPU on a map >:D

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        Sounds good =)… I hope as a buy in feature to open the level editor as the entire game will be made using my ipad3. Thus people make levels and upload them to a server where people play them and rate them 1-10. One issue could be server disk size. a map is 300k so a meg would hold 3 maps … I would have to figure out how to fund it. I already have the tech working as that is how I am making the levels. I am using my own cloud server. Thus I can work on any device from my phone. So really endless replay =)

  2. MrSpud Says:

    8 to nothing so far! I think the fog is a must, but maybe you could have the option to set the difficulty to easy and have the fog turned off?

  3. Korean Wonders (@KRWonders) Says:

    Fog of War is good I think but maybe it could be made less frustrating with some radar devices? Something that would say “Warning! incoming unidentified units!”
    That could actually help build up tension 🙂

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