Its a monday!

Nothing exciting to post… lost the power a few times tonight due to one heck of a lighting storm. Other then that excitement I am recording and buying TONS of audio. 1 death, 1 on hit, 1 weapon,15 randoms, and 15 taunts per character takes time =)…


I got absolutely nothing done on the game this weekend. However, I stored up some good relax time to focus on the game. The list is getting incredibly short. I need to finish up character sounds tonight and get into the gameplay of the game now. Its getting close to testing and gameplay molding time with others =)…no idea the timeframe yet though.

More when I get time the day job calls.

P.S. I am excited next saturday my neighbor and I are heading out to a car garage to install my AEV 3.5 inch lift on the jeep (jeeps are AWESOME…)… Then I will be in the hunt for tires and a way to pay for them =P…


4 Responses to “Its a monday!”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Redneck Texan jacking up his ride?! 😛
    I got an email a while back, it was “modified ride DIY gone wrong!” hopefully you know what you’re doing! I did it to my truck years ago but I found that stability was somewhat of an issue, don’t cheap out! Get the full kit, big difference between body lift and full lift. And make sure to post pictures!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      GET_ER_DONE! I need to get some smoke stacks on the jeep to =P…

      I am going full bore baby =)

      AEV 3.5″ Dual sport SC

      My neighbor already did his and is very meticulous. He also has a full car lift we are going to use =).. That should make it a lot safer =)…. No spacers here. Also the kit really makes it hard to mess up the geometry. This is the best on-road daily driver kit out there with the high steering kit system. (and they seem to know it with the price it is =P..)

      I am soooo excited… YEEEEHAAAAAWWWW! =P..

  2. Tom Says:

    you move to south Dallas and look what happens…….make sure to install a gun rack too 🙂

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