A bit of back and forth today and tonight.

Update: Well that was a beating! However, I finally have turret control working. They work totally different from the animated characters. I also wanted them to be able to be taken over. There are really so many different games in Cursed Realms as you can do so many different things -=)…. Check out the video of me testing out a handy dandy plasma turret =)


At work I will be rendering which ties up my PC so I may actually get some game work done up here while I wait on my mac..tweak and render… I have to say ACCU-RENDER or RE-VIT IS THE SLOWEST RAY TRACER I HAVE EVER SEEN..I have written ray tracers before by hand that had only 1 or 2 cores not 8 to use and they would smoke this one (admittedly not with all the bells and whistles but they did support refractions, reflections, and mathematically defined shapes). I have a real feeling they brute forced everything everywhere. I think a KD-tree populated correctly could make this bad boy go 10 times faster. Who knows I am just guessing but it is aggravating to work with.
Anyway, I will be moving over to almost all game-play user interface and game-play itself now as things are starting to really heat up. Tonight I should be able to finish up the sound effects for the other characters and then get them in game. Anyway as I got I hope to get some screens and other items posted as usual! =)

And now for that flashback… a game I LOVE!!!

One of the best of all time.. I played it a while back and it still plays =)

I am really tempted after Cursed realms to create a quick remake to this one.. I could pop that easy to make guy out in a very short time =)


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