Air units

Look out above!

Looking down possessing the fleshy blimp gunship =)

After messing around with the turret air units are a MUST…. only turrets and missile batteries will be able to take them
down…Check out yesterday to see a video of me messing with them… Very soon there will be full audio with the videos.. It is just not yet to a level to share =). Last night I got down to just needing to finish the Gutsies and imps audio (along with some weapons). I also finished the turrets last night…for now the day job! =)….

Starting to feel better and more incredible every day. I cannot name a game out there that you can do so many things… Create build levels, take over any character or turret walk around explore kill use abilities research….. so much =)


2 Responses to “Air units”

  1. Hellspawn Says:

    This game looks awesome , i will definitly buy it. As soon as its out.
    If it’s even half as good as mission Europa, it will be awesome.
    Keep it up Ryan

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thank you! The compliments really help me get through the late nights..I hope to blow Mission Europa out of the water =)

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