wooo…death wobble!

So I lost another evening tightening bolts and changing tire pressure. I had a spell of death wobble. I then got a realignment and this morning a balance… ARGH…. next time I pay for the install =)

I needed to get it done myself though so I know where the trouble spots are. My steering dampener had a stripped nut on it. So I was able to wobble it with my fingers. The best way to diagnose it is to get the jeep on the ground and have someone turn the wheel while you inspect the suspension from track bars to sway bars to drag links to steering assembly… After a spell of death wobble at 50 mph you really don’t mind doing that =) Scared the crap outta me =)

So hopefully today we get this bad boy game rolling again =)… The last 4 days have been stinking BUSY..

For now the day job =)


5 Responses to “wooo…death wobble!”

  1. Tom Says:

    why did you do it yourself?? i would be around 400-500 buck to have it installed instead of slaving for 14 hours….plus a install warranty if anything went wrong.

    Don’t kill yourself with your homemade install:)

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      This kit is huge as it is a total remake of the steering and lift kit. It is a pro 8-12 hour install which is well over a grand (I was quoted 950 – 1200 plus 100 for alignment and balance )=).. I want to be one with my jeep and know every part …not one with the pavement though.. =)…

      After the balance, alignment, and bolt replacement I feel pretty good about it now… more white knuckles testing needed. If I could do it all over I would have it professionally done for sure. It was a bolt on kit that did not seem impossible at first. (However, that does not mean it would not do the same thing as I have heard of it happening to the best installs and even stock jeeps. Just a thing that happens to that type of steering if something is not right.)

      Next time I will pony up the cash…

  2. MrSpud Says:

    I guess certain things are not worth learning from your mistakes! I learned that while doing electrical work, talk about a reality check! I don’t even change my tires anymore, not since a lost a wheel going 35 Mph!! Truck went into a full spin, truck cap came off and split in half, axel dragged on the ground and almost came off. Anyway, stay alive!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Woa… yea it was pretty damn scary but nothing compared to that!!!…I believe all fixed now.. I am glad I did it as I learned everything about the entire suspension system. Was a good learning gig. I would have rather followed around a pro and just watched =)…

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