OK tomorrow I will FINALLY get some work time

I had a crucial m4 ssd drive go on the fritz on the mac. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. Google it at 5000 hours they just break… And to upgrade it on a mac I had to try 2 different PCs after dual booting and doing everything I could on the mac to flash the firmware on the drive. Now today I am going to watch the rangers play at 1:00 woohoo! So after that maybe just maybe I can get some productivity going. The last week has been out of control with the jeep (literally and figuratively). I am trying to congeal down the AI into a smaller code base with the most functionality I can. After that back to the list.. and hopefully gain some speed. This thing has stalled for a dang week…. aggravating. I am going to do a small game in between episode 1 and 2 of cursed realms to get something fun and quick out as this has been a beast! =)

Have a great day I will be in the sun with the sounds of baseball and beer! =)


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