Getting some work time FINALLY

Update: Turrets are back in order. AI working code is way more clean. Next is to relook at the air units with the new code and get them clean. Then do a clean up pass on regular units… then get the sounds in and start playing =)…(I have some gameplay things that still need to be made =)..)

Man what a crazy 6 days. And the beast in the jeep seems to have been exiled. All seems good with it now.

Back to making this stinking game happen!.. I am fine tuning the AI and working with the gameplay. This is the final stages up to Alpha. However, I have NO idea how long it will take. I want it all to be just right though so I will take the time it needs =)… If only these apps could float the boat and I did not have to have the day job =P… more when I get it….


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