Going strong

Update: Things are going well… not so well for this pus bucket playing chicken with a turret though =)

At the day job currently but I expect to get a lot of time tonight to work.

ARGH agrviating day and night =)… but as my motto goes it could always be worse =P. Refrigerator died, My jeep battery died, I had to drive all over town playing geek squad for the boss, and I spent the last hour and a half chasing a very hard to find bug. That is until I slowed down and read through the code where I thought it was. I then found what I should have found in about 15 minutes. O well so goes life =). Hopefully tomorrow holds more dev time in it I want to get this thing to testing!… I have a bout 30 more min of gas left in me then zzzzzzzzzz. =) Lets hope tomorrow has lots of dev time in it.

I found some more issues along the way but I will deal with them tonight. This week has been wiped clean to devote all of the evenings to Cursed Realms and making it better one hour at a time. I will have more later right now the day job is getting really busy =)..Happy Monday!


9 Responses to “Going strong”

  1. Hellspawn Says:

    thanks fo the happy monday (a little late for me since its about 8:00 here in germany now) but before I forget I wanted to know where you can apply to be beta-tester? or is it to early for that (is the game still alpha)? if its still alpha then I’d like to know WHEN you can becom aa beta-tester and a hppay monday (afternoon) to you to Ryan.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Awesome I spent 2 weeks in Germany many moons ago and I loved every second of it… just a beautiful place.

      Your in for sure when the time rolls around =)… I want a small crew that will have good input and I feel you for sure will πŸ˜‰

      Last time I added 50 people and about 6 helped =P… This time I am going to be more careful about who is on the team =) as I only get so many slots from apple (STRANGE RULE)…

      I have no set time as things seem to be evolving at a slower pace then I wanted but things are moving =).

      • Hellspawn Says:

        Thanks for putting me on the tester-team and yeah more beta-tesers DON’t necessarily mean more input I mean look at miecraft: about 4 million (3?) “Beta-testers” and maybe 1000 helped =D thats less than 1% compared to that your 6 of 50 look like a highly devoted testing-group πŸ™‚

        and which place(s) or city(-ies) did you visit? let me guess Heidelberg and maybe Schloss Neuschwanstein (forgot the englisch name) ? I can’t recommend the latter because thats just a very overpriced tourist-trap ( I think 5€ for just looking at castle without tour) 😦

        But anyway good luck with the further game development have fun making it because that way its fun to play

      • ryan Says:


        I hit almost every major city and cannot remember all of them =) .. Your english is WAY better then my deutsch =)..

        Yes I did goto Neuschwanstein and am glad I did it was pretty amazing but YES tourist trap… big time. Rolling in with misty clouds rolling up and over the walls was freaking amazing. I also remember a walled town that was awesome it was smaller but had a wall all around the middle I walked around. Of course Munich as I flew in and had to hit the big towns. I like the smaller towns WAY more though as I can get big city flavor here =) Really still is one of my most favorite places to visit by far.

  2. Hellspawn Says:

    Yes but my english is only better because every school here in germany teaches it (even some elementary scholls here teach it) and the fact that i lived in atlanta for 4 years. and german is lot harder to lern than english imo. but if you don’t go into one of the tourist towns a lot of germans zpeak wiz a very heavy akkzent :)and the guy who represents germany in BrΓΌssel (Oetinger) says stuff like indivisible (invisible) look for Oetinger on youtube his english accent is worse than a french trying to speak zhe english πŸ˜€

    And yeah I think smaller german cities are nicer for tourists because they usually aren’t full of other tourists and often have a very nice “Altstadt” (old city districts).
    And did you go to Heidelberg? Because thats where a lot of americans go and Ihave no idea why, its just a nearly complety destroyed old castle-rubblepile. there are A LOT of beautifull castles in better condition. But anyway good tuesday morning and good gaming (or game developing) πŸ˜‰

  3. MrSpud Says:

    Your battery should not die so early, I mean didn’t you just get the Jeep!? It should last about 4-5 years, must be defective, maybe still under waranty? Did you try boosting up somebody lately? That could lead to problems sometime, maybe the alternator? Probably not…

    That’s what happen when you buy American pieces of sh… Ok, ok, πŸ˜‰ just kidding!!! I drive a Ford truck!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I saved about 24 thousand by buying a used 1.5 year old 20k mile used jeep unlimited =).. I have a friend that after all was said and done his new 2012 sahara was ~43k…. They are not cheap anymore. I would have loved the new engine but for that price I could get my jeep and half of the next sports car for my wife =)…I really cannot handle the fact that after 2 years i would have lost 20-25 thousand dollars in value. I could turn my jeep around right now for what I bought it for or even a little more (including what I have spent on her)..

      So long story short the factory battery was 2.5 years old and my new Amp and subwoofer beat it to death -)…

      Off to the gym hope yalls days go well.

  4. Tom Says:

    Ryan, me and Kevin are going to set up a game night every few weeks at his house, would you be interested in joying your old friends for few beers and a game or two? I lost your email somewhere so i am posting here. I know how much you hate leaving Mansfield area and drive few miles north, but I will ask anyway you bastard. Email me.

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