Still flashing it up

Here is the effect with the screen flash….yummy…and so easy
PLEASE IGNORE FRAME RATE. I have to run this in the simulator on a mac mini while running recording software.. sooo um it sucks. It runs like a dream on the iDevices.

I still need to add the camera shake… I am getting pleased with the explosion effect but there is a little ways to go =)…


I am working on the HUD and making things pretty =).. I am about to add in an effect that will tint the screen a color for big explosions and then I need to go and work on the bloom effect a little more it needs to operate a little differently. =)

I should get some seriously good work time tommorrow with a little tonight… =)…


The graphic tricks and effects will be off the chart in this one =)


6 Responses to “Still flashing it up”

  1. Hellspawn Says:

    nice this is looking more and more like its ready to play. I have a feeling this will be an epic game! keep up the good work, your almost there, the List is getting small. btw I got some qoutes (not from me) for your marine:
    Its good to be bad (dungeon keeper I have a feeling this game has slight references)
    money is not the most important thing in life, love is. Fortunatly I love money (don’t know the name).
    Live fast die young make a pretty corpse (forgot the name but it maybe was Richard Wright)

    thanks for taking the time to read this and good luck with the last part

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Getting there .. a bit of a way to go but the first target of getting to alpha is almost here =)… check out the new video I really tweaked the graphics up =)..

      • Hellspawn Says:

        she’s a beauty. looks awesome, can’t stand the waiting and tonight germany will play against Italy for a place in the final! so excited.

      • Hellspawn Says:

        all right Im off to yhe public viewing of the game Ill post who won later.

      • ryan Says:

        hope it went well got lots of errands today =(

      • Hellspawn Says:

        Seems like a bad day for both of us, We lost 2-1 against Italy 😦 damn cheaters! But we didn’t play so good either, we let ourselves get demoralized.

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