Adding in gameplay as I go =)

Things are going nicely when I find time to squeeze some work out =)… I am not sure I have ever been this busy in my life =)…

I got into the day job 2 hours early so hopefully I can get off at a normal time to get some work done.

In game now:
Food tiles will build and store food to a level. When an AI eats from the trough it will empty. Thus if you do not have enough he will have to travel to another tile. Planning will be very important in your defenses and offenses. I also force the AI to pick their very own tile to live on. Once they move in the tile gets a glowing box where high tech devices repair their body’s at a faster rate and allow power napping (I could use one of those machines =))

More later when I get to it… Happy Tuesday…

Nothing pretty to post tonight… got a lot working though.. now food nodes show they have food and remove the effect when they are drained by an AI… more tomorrow… I need a time machine…


One Response to “Adding in gameplay as I go =)”

  1. Hellspawn Says:

    That sounds very detailed it looks like this game will soon be done. Keep it up ryan almost there.

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