Self sufficient =) food and homes ready to roll….

Update: Looking good…the base mechanics are there! .. now to keep going… here is the imp resting after some hard work…

there are sparkles surrounding him while the nanites work…

Home Creation Effect:

Update: I got in some pretty nice effects for home creation, eating, food nodes that are full, I want to add some nice random effects for just random nodes. I also want the game engine to pick a random node and if it is a chasm or some special type it will drop a nifty effect there like dust coming up etc. I want to bring the levels to life with constant action beyond just the combat and construction =)….more later tonight is looking good for working on C.R.

Here is the effect.. looks a lot better in motion (not worth a video upload though)

Green sparkles rise from the food zone =)

Looks nice almost time for home and work! =)

I am creating gameplay soley lately which is pretty nice =). I am rarely working on core engine features which means things are nearing the end of the primary dev cycle finally!… This would be a 6 moth project if I was full time on it for sure but since I need to pay the bills with a day job it has been over a year now since I started with a new blank page. I believe with this engine design I will never have to do that again. The modularity of this design means I can make any type of game quickly and not have specialized code spread out all over the engine.

The targets now are to get the minions building homes today. They will need a home first thing and will hunt for a open home node. After that they will do their normal duties. Imps will dig and convert medics will fight or research etc… After the homes are done I want to get the building stuff in. IE pick a wall and have an imp convert it to stone or steel. place a door so an imp will build it etc.

More later day job for now!


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