Food Done… Homes Done…

Update: got the buttons for all th jobs settings done art wise now time for a date with my wonderful hot wife =)…

Update: got research done except for the aspect of what you are researching on to setting jobs for minions =)

Here is the research node as it has been revised.

//// whole thing

//// a close up of the computer screen effect.. those textures are sliding and I may make them pulse later… really easy to do.. =)

Now Research, Factories, training and Treasury. I also need to add in stats display when you click on a minion. The ai also needs to be able to be set to a mode, Fight/Defense, Fight/Offense, Research, Train, Build, Construct. Some are better at things but this really opens up strategy =).. want to research qucikly stop building and move all assets to research etc. Anyway back to work… then the fun work tonight =)…


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