I am trying to decide how I want to work the weapons load out…The orginal plan I think I will stick with. Before each level there will be a cut scene then you go into weapons load out and mods area. You pick three classes you want to bring to battle with you. (imp is always there). Then you choose the mods you have researched before to apply to minions. One per minion. I then after that had it planned to load out the weapons of each character (not imps). For example you may choose a human medic for healing or research. A user medic or human soldier for attacking. And a user pus bucket for a tank. Weapons are class specific. IE a user medic will have a user gun that also infuses drugs. And you could choose a pulse rifle or ballistic rifle etc…

Anyway a bunch to think on as I go on a day job business trip to Boston. Lets pray I get some work time on Cursed realms also =)

Happy Monday!


3 Responses to “Weapons”

  1. Hellspawn Says:

    A businesstrip to Boston, whats it like never been ther, is it worth visiting?

    As for your idea, I think you should’nt choose all weapons and units before the map has started, I think you should be able choose some things (like in your example the 3 units and equipment) and dev the rest on the map/scenario, for example research new units or upgrade existing ones to adapt to the map like if you want to make a large variety of different units you research different ones and barely upgrade them or you only want a few very good units you upgarde them and dont research new ones.
    That would make your army adaptable to the scenario, if the games focus is strategy thats how I would do it. If its more of an RPG i’d do it they way you said in your post.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      good input and I like it… =)

      As far as boston, conneticut, and rhode island. It is pretty up here but hotter then Texas right now lol. I do not see much difference here other then driving across states takes a few hours and not a day. Other then that I could be in east Texas and not know it. Sadly I have not had much work time. The day job has extended from 6 am to 11 pm the last two days and will do the same today as we meett with a well know close to germany industry leader on expansion plans. Any who back to the day job I hope tomorrow to be back on track… and I need to hash out the weapons and research systems… on level research to upgrade does sound like a better option then locking the player down pre level after an intro….

      • Hellspawn Says:

        A close to german industry Leader 🙂 I didn’t know your company is in germany too (or wants to go there?)

        But back to the level research/upgrade idea, I wouldn’t remove the preplanning aspect completly, you should be able to choose some units beforehand (maybe have a little scenario info like terrain, enemies rough layout) so you can choose which units fit best to the map. You could also have something like “shipments” which your main base sends you for completing tasks and/or optional goals like extra soldiers, money food etc.

        Now good luck with the last part of dev.

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