HUGE wiki update

Update: Revised Intro:
“The earth is not as you know it. An unknown and impossible event has ripped reality to shreds releasing immeasurable amounts of energy. The eruption tore the souls out of billions of human beings on this side and trillions of alien souls in the newly joined universes. Instantly cities imploded souls screamed went silent and were delivered to an unknown location. On every horizon threads of energy flow from the torn fabric we once called reality. The year is 2313 and life is impossible now. A wasteland of wandering atrociousness roam the land. The last of the human race is learning to survive. Humans now depend on sacrificing the best minds into a cyborg AI Husk to provide the shield needed against the powers aligned against them. Bloody robotic creations crawl from the North, powerful drug peddling aliens move in from the south, Atlantis has emerged in glory to the east, the maws of hell have opened spewing Hell’s suffering wide to the west, and over us all hovering in space the gates of heaven closed tight. Nothing is known beyond these regions as humans have been pushed to what was the central plains of the united states just trying to survive…”


I have heavily updated the wiki to reflect the new design changes. I am going to be moving the new and improved story arc in there soon. I refuse to proceed without the design done as I have learned the absolute torture that can ensue without solid design before pages of code and assets have blood sweat and tears poured int them. More later… Day job for now =)

I will be tearing back into Cursed Realms today finally. The day job had me in Boston, Providence RI and warwick RI. LONG trip and a 6 hour screaming out of control 3 year old later I am back. Time to get the weapons switching and allowances working. I think the best mode is to let weapons be researched in a level to allow them to be upgraded so that is the current path. Then they will be unlocked and able to be se per minion and used while in first person. More later …


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