Getting a lot done finally…

It truly is amazing how much work it takes to get a game to market that has a good amount of depth.

The systems really are getting good. I now have the ability to list the weapons out and choose them. IF you have researched the power up for the level then you can choose the upgraded weapon. I plan on heading down the list still and then finally getting back to making level 1 or the Alpha level… I sure wish this was my day job and could be that stable as I would have finished 2 games by now =)…

TGIF!!!! more when I get to it.


2 Responses to “Getting a lot done finally…”

  1. Hellspawn Says:

    Yeah but if we all had our dreamjobs, everyone would be like gametester/maker, King/queen or secret agent and there would be no cleaning staff busdrivers. But btw what IS your day job (if I may ask)?

    • ryan Says:

      I am about to take my exam to be a licensed architect in about 6 months… ;)… The latest client we picked up was Swarovski. That was where I went last week and ate up all me game making time.

      It is an ok job. I have had worse. My bachelors is in architecture and my masters in Visualization Sciences or Computer Science. I am a strange mix,

      Happy Monday.

      Off to the day job!

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