Working very hard =)

Here is the level up effect eye candy.

Burning the list up.

More tonight when I get to my second job =P….


4 Responses to “Working very hard =)”

  1. darkredininja Says:

    Wow this is looking really good :P. Just curious, do you have an estimated release date yet? This is looking really cool so far.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      When its done sadly. If this was my day job and I knew I had at least 8 hours a day to devote to it I could give a decent guesstimate. Right now it is only when I get time away from wife kids and keeping a house/jeep up. BUT if you wanted a guess on alpha testing level 1 I think that could be within 4-10 weeks…. a total guess..

      • Hellspawn Says:

        You have kidS (in plural)? I thought you only had one I only noticed you mention one 5 year old from your businesstrip to Boston (but I’ve only bern following this Blog for a few months). How many DO you have and how old are the rest?

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        I have 9 and 11 year old hellion boys =)…I do my best to divide up time evenly and make sure they have a dad. That usually means a lot less sleep for me then anyone else in the house =) They are the main reason I left the main stream gaming industry as with 16 hour days and no weekends I was not going to trade my family for the job =)

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