Midnight Oil…

Update :
Ok calling it .. tired…

Texture coords setup for painting… I love it so far…

Update: Had a wild night with an old friend showing up at the door. But I did get this done…


Update: Almost time to head home and get to work. Tonight I get to make some art happen. I need to create the factory tile and functionality. I think it might take an hour or so for both. Then I get to make the Mini tank -)… MY idea is to create one like you see in Metal Slug =)

I love that little guy. I will have to sacrifice some detail for polys but not to much -=)..


The training tile… when training points are available it is lit up like this =)…

More tonight…


One Response to “Midnight Oil…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hurray, tanks! I love tanks.

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