Tonight there will be work ;)

My family vacations are over it’s time to get this big project done 😉 …. More tonight 😉

Here is a GUI that has had a lot of work =)… been busy tonight! Still going


The list is getting shorter… it will shrink and grow but always reduce over a timeline…. sniff sniff…. alpha maybe soon… I HOPE at least… tomorrow a lot of work will get accomplished… I have to align my steering in the jeep as I just installed a new tie rod at the pitman arm and a short kid weigh in for football but after I will be going full steam ahead!



2 Responses to “Tonight there will be work ;)”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Isn’t Mission Europa on the app store anymore? I did a search and could not find it…

    • ryan Says:

      Thanks man, it seems they threw in a new contract I had to renew… not that I sell more then a few a week though … Cursed Realms to the rescue!….

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