I finished remodeling and simplifying the AI systems then I started into one of the last areas that need work (combat also needs it but that will be last). The method of adding traps and devices to the realm. The player will press a menu button to open the items he has unlocked with research. Then press an owned non used area on the map and a marker will be placed. The marker will have an icon of what is supposed to go there with an arrow to the place it will go. Then an imp will go over and use work points built up in the factories to build the item. More later =)

Here is the tag that shows a steel door to go where the tag is placed =)

Here is an example of the placement of the mine trap. First these are the tags saying the tiles are waiting for an imp or other minion to come build this node…


7 Responses to “Construction”

  1. Hellspawn Says:

    Hurray he’s almost done (with alpha :D)

    You can do It Ryan just a “little” more πŸ™‚

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Yes just a little =)… I just need more time between work, family, and friends… and the jeep =P… Going strong… I think it will be a good week for overtime work…

      • Hellspawn Says:

        BTW there’s a new console coming to the market thats NOT from Microsoft Sony or Nintendo (an Indie console πŸ™‚ )
        It will be called OUYA and already has the Nickname: the Game developers Console because game dev will be (a lot) easier than the other mainstream consoles due to lack of licenses and an easy android market. Maybe if Cursed Realms works out well you could port it over to be your first console game.

        Just a suggestion though, nobody knows how well it will sell yet (but it did raise 8.5 Million in one week on Kickstarter).

        Theres only one thing left to say to your game: FINISH HIM!!!

      • Ryan Says:

        I hav been watching that . I know it takes more then that to get one to the market… Right now I feel they will be the next phantom… We shall see πŸ˜‰ I would LovE an indie console… I am
        Surprised it is not here yet after the success of the app store .. It is inevitable but I think a big boy will have to bring it to market…. Considering Sony is already dabbling in low cost dev studios it maybe close…. As far as what it takes .. You have to
        1. Design it with expensive people
        2. Get it built with expensive people
        3. Have expensive devs get on board
        4. Have the cash to mass produce it
        5. Have the marketing capital to sell it

        Tough stuff but not impossible… I say look up the phantom console….. However I woul absolutely love a low low cost indie dev console πŸ˜‰

      • Hellspawn Says:

        I looked it up, it said they were missing 22 million to complete the phantom. But I do hope the OUYA will do better, because an indie console would be perfekt for indie games πŸ™‚
        And maybe the developers of this one have enough rich relatives to get this through. Or a company thats NOT in the console business could bring this one to the market.

        But for now we can only wait (and hope)
        And at the moment its mire important that you get your game done πŸ™‚
        good luck with the last part

  2. MrSpud Says:

    Is your game going to support iPad3 retina display? Is it a lot of work to make your game compatible with all the different display resolutations?

    • Ryan Says:

      Yes and not really of you don’t mind oversized buttons.. πŸ˜‰ I Have to make different menus for the iPad version and the iPhone version .. Not a huge deal in that my content pipeline makes it pretty easy πŸ˜‰

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