Onward! Happy Monday

The list sure is getting short… Tonight I want to get the wall upgrades working. So a minion in build mode will upgrade a rock wall to stone then steel then void. The make a decision to either posses a piece of land or upgrade a wall on an owned piece of land.

I also want to try out a new method of working. Working late nights after the day job means my energy is already shot when I start. I want to try sleeping very early and getting up to use my morning energy to plow onward. We shall see how that goes it limits the work time a little but ensures I am getting enough sleep =)

more later…..


2 Responses to “Onward! Happy Monday”

  1. Tom Says:

    You are mental 🙂

    Why not quit sleeping at night and maintain your energy by balancing increased amounts of hooter wings, steaks and beer with few short breaks for some SOUL CALIBUR action thru out the night. You be done in no time.

    Also how come i don’t see any floating feathers in any of the screens? You must have floating feathers!!!!!!!!

    • Ryan Says:

      ROFL =)..That sounds like a much better plan!… I wish I had a screen shot of that… I think a easter egg is definitely in order =)..

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