Lots of videos yesterday and one so far for today =)

Update: Tank firing a round BOOM!

Running Around…

And yes you taking over as with every other minion!

The tank “walk” animation =).. He will be in game tonight with some sweet effects. Slow lumbering defensive beast. Then back to the ever shortening list!

I am amazed PHONES can do this these days.. I started in Odyssey and Atari with clicking channel changing knobs on TVs with no remotes… and now we can achieve this quality real time rendering on phones the size of a credit card… truly amazing…


One Response to “Lots of videos yesterday and one so far for today =)”

  1. Hellspawn Says:

    not to forget that just a few decades ago 50megabyte disks were the size of phones today.
    nowadays you can have 64 Gigabyte phones, imagine the look on a scientists face in 1950 whos saying:” our newset technological advance, a 50 megabyte storage disk” (crowd cheers and gasps). You stand up, hold up your phone and say” 64 GIGAbyte!”

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