Monday and the list!

Update: Home and working on the cut scene =)

The list:

I added a few tools to help with cut scenes.. I also recorded the audio last night I will animate them to… Soooooo more tonight.. I feel alpha coming on really fast!.. I bought darksiders 2 as the art looked compelling and……tired of it after one play session =(… Back to mine craft =)…I really want the next game to be a full on sandbox game with a huge online component. I will get more up here tonight however, for now I have to work the day job to pay the bills =)…

4 Responses to “Monday and the list!”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    I just bought Minecraft on the xbox, and I’m liking it! I thought the iOS version lack way too many features and polish and I was right. Nothing like the feeling you get when you first discover a cave deep down after a lot of digging! Now to try to talk my wife into playing it… 😉

    Speaking of, are you doing all the audio yourself? Maybe the kids could do the imp voices! Is your wife helping out again? She was pretty good!!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Did She Voice Dr Sierra?

      And Yes Minecraft has changed a Lot of Features since beta And Most of them arent so Great. How is the Xbox Version I haven’t Played it yet?

      • Hellspawn Says:

        Sorry for replying As anonymous, that was from my old iPod.
        And Why did my stupid autocorrect capitalize all thise words.

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        The xbox version is inspiring to me…. very good. Ugly as sin but thats part of the point of minecraft =)… She did do Sierra.. =).. I am doing most of them sadly as the budget is that of a holiday project =)..

        good stuff! Back to work for me… I wonder if I will ever play darksiders again..

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