BIG work weekend!

My wifey works all weekend so I will be working also!… I have some big goals set forth… Alpha is getting REALLY close. I want it to blow the testers away so it will get done when it is done. However, after 3 solid full days of work it will be a LOT closer.

Tonight’s Goals:
Camera Cuts to position.
Add in the ability to set the position of the message bar and not an automatic icon.
Finish fixing the switching animations
Add in the helper icon..

Weekend Goal:

1 Create the intro Stage.
— Create a box with SouL_EnginE on it and a latch
— Create wicked audio mimicing pinball machine twilight zone “don’t open the box.”
— Fade in bounces around lit and showdowed labels glowing…
then stops and latch drops when it hits the base of the box go black and fade in the title screen…

2.Create the title screen Stage.
— all black with cursed realms showing through to the sky box.
— enable… A Demon walks behind seen through the logo…disable
— Model Cursed realms and texture map it to use the render texture as its texture… make it bumpy so it shines and animate the logo as it slowly moves around…. This should give a really cool effect…
(On top is a transform anim that is enabled to move it across slowly animating walk animation each one.)
— enable….A User does the same….disable
— enable….A Floater goes by… disable
— enable….A Puss bucket goes by…disable…Repeat
— Buttons Options, New Game, Load Game, Webpage
— Also place a button icon for Mission Europa and Necromancer Rising

3. Finally get on to finalizing level 1…. play and find ways to add in awesome….


4 Responses to “BIG work weekend!”

  1. Doom Says:

    Intro and title screens sound awesome:))
    Happy Friday Ryan, don’t work too hard dude..

  2. Hellspawn Says:

    iPod ready to melt 🙂

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