No rest for the weary!

Get er done!

Still need to put the picture of the logo and mission europa and necromancer rising =)

good stuff!

More later for now a break in the pool!


2 Responses to “No rest for the weary!”

  1. Kirk Says:

    Looking great, I just played Captain Phillips Rescue again after not looking at it for two years, and realized how much fun it is, even though it’s such a small game! My favorite part is bullet drop being implemented and the although maybe not more visually realistic, but more realistic in difficulty sniping, long range engagement, whatever you want to call it, those three shots are so satisfying 🙂

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      😉 That was a 4 day or so project =)… A fun little app to make. This baby is moving really well now =)… I sometimes want to pull my older uglier apps but then I kind of like seeing them around still … so I will always leave them up there =)

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