Now the title Screen

Low Poly Tree In: (Needs tweaks this is 30 min max.. had to create a new alpha tested shader with some bells and whistles)
Adding some color finally

Update: (I am now down to a working list. I will write it here and when done with the small list post a new one as I see new items…)
Goal List
— Create Menu For Title
— Checkout Excavation lighting seems weird
-Done- Make a blank scene to setup the shadow items.
-doing- Create a Dead Tree for height that cannot be removed.
Lower land around water tiles.

I added so many new tools and ways to do things last weekend I missed 1/3 of my goals =/..
I have rethought the title screen also. I want it to be a camera slowly spinning in a nice level at first person level. The title will be the inverse colors of the screen with a solid glow around it. Very different looking. The buttons overlay-ed on top of that. This will save time and produce a better result IMO.

More when I get to it =)… I hope to get a little time to post some shots from last nights work but we shall see the cowboys play today. Cannot wait to be disappointed 14 years in a row =)…


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