Update: Just working … funny thing I was watching an anime and they had a soundtrack I used in Mission Eruopa we must shop at the same place =P…..

I put the event system in. It took about 30 minutes. I LOVE my current engine!.. So now scripts are SUPER powerful… say for example. You want a script to watch for a certain guys death.

t key
f t 0.0
s event |death KillaFull|

When killafull is destroyed an event is sent and that script will fire….So I can do things like make a computer you need to destroy. Once the computer is destroyed it sends a message death levelComputer. Then 4 scripts that are listening set upp explosions..and a chain reaction occurs.. etc..

Going to be awesome.

Back to the list!…


4 Responses to “OUTSTANDING”

  1. Choronzephon Says:

    Hi! I was directed here from the game site. Where would the best place be to report a bug (that caused some equipment to disappear)?

  2. Hellspawn Says:

    what anime were you watching?

    and OMG you made a spoiler:
    you are able to destroy computers!

    happy tuesday, only 3 more days 🙂

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      😉 no kidding

      I’ll have to look. It has anchor sp? Or demons in Japanese and the hero is a gray haired kids with a wacky arm who is an exorcist 😉

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