The list is getting very short! .. There are just a few difficuly things currently on there. When the list is really low I will be polishing and adding temp items as I get it ready for you guys to start an alpha test system. Good stuff more later!




11 Responses to “DA LIST”

  1. MrSpud Says:

    Are you going to use testflight?

    It says on their website that you can’t use testflight if you are jailbroken, so I updated! Bye bye Final Fantasy 6 savegame! Oh well, the only thing I’ll miss is retinapad, but small price to pay to get to play your awesome game!

    Can’t remember, is it universal? How big do you think the alpha built will be?

    Oh, and what’s with Texas passing a law with a highway speed limit of 85 mph?!?! Holy crap!

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      I am going to try test flight the last few goes it has not allowed my large uploads. Size wise I am not sure currently it is not crazy I would guess 80 – 160 megs maybe… and of course retina and retina ipad I have to have fun on my ipad3 also! = )

      I cannot wait to get it to you =)

      85 is awesome here you can drive 14 hours srtaight highway and still be in texas =)

  2. Nathan Jones Says:

    When do you think this game will be ready to submit to the app store? Btw I absolutely loved Mission Europa, and really hope you make a sequel some time soon.

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      Thanks! … I will probably lean back to RPGs after the Cursed Realms Series. I am hoping in the next 3 months to be gearing up… First I have to get level 1 to alpha testers and after the Dye is set it should ROAR into completion… I want it done as bad as everyone else. The day job seems to put the breaks on that =P

  3. Ryan Says:

    Lol 137 km/h is pretty quick for some
    The cars here as most people do not check their vehicles regularly to look for issues they just expect them to go for 8 years without wear 😉

    • Hellspawn Says:

      what only 137 kmh ?!

      and I thought my sister drives slow with 160.

      is 85mph (137kmh) the max speed in any state in the us, or are there some with a higher max speed?

      • Ryan Says:

        Pretty sure that is top speed here. When I was in germany the people there drove more respectfully hell it was a ticket to piss off another driver if I remember right… =)… I like 85 =)….Specially in a jeep with the doors off =)

      • Hellspawn Says:

        what people driving respectfully here in germany?
        I sadly cant confirm that, I always have A-holes on the road in front of me.

        but shouldnt we be talking about your game Ryan, not about speedlimits in the us and germany?

        happy work week (its halfway done already)

    • Ryan Says:

      True =) thanks you also!

      This is at my local airport.. our drivers rock!

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