Rolling towards alpha pretty quick.

There is only one decent system left (fog of war)….the a bunch of polish as I do no want to waste alpha teams time… If this was my day job we would be on to another game by now =), however I have a lot of midnight oil left to burn =).. I will be getting -er- done tonight and the whole week really. The forecast looks good for overtime work and little day job/life interruptions.

The goals tonight are to finish up the menu flash. Get the spells or abilities point and click finished. Then get to polishing. I also still have to make the level 1 boss and the final cut scene for level one. Those however should not take to long… more later when I get back to Cursed Realms… Happy Monday! =)

Had to do some car work for the wifey tonight but back at it =)… working the list. =)


4 Responses to “Rolling towards alpha pretty quick.”

  1. Ethical Video Games (@EthicalGaming) Says:

    I was wondering: are you planning to do some beta testing? I’d love to feedback the game (sorry if you mentioned that already in a previous post).

    • ryanmitchellgames Says:

      We will have a very extensive alpha session soon.. Keep your eyes peeled here as I need people that are really involved s sadly apple limits how many I can test with ;(

      • Ethical Video Games (@EthicalGaming) Says:

        Ah yeah, damn 100 UDIDs…

      • ryanmitchellgames Says:

        I agree :).. but I will be taking anyone that can garentee feedback… annd lots of it… I of course will take the best guys from mission europa testing then adding all the new ones that have been following here =).. Alpha will be a very early VERY .. version of the game where all input will really drive the game on .. those people will really br a part of the game and get credits in game =) as shapers and dreamers

        Keep your eyes peeled here as I need people that can give some goood feedback and really help mold this bad boy 😉

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